Beasley 2016

DeAnna E. Beasley, Assistant Professor

Department of Biology, Geology, Environmental Science

University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

I’m interested in how insects are responding to environmental changes associated with human activity, with a focus on climate change and urbanization. Primary research focus in the lab includes understanding changes in insect-fungi associations across urban habitats.

Hao Brooks 2017

Hao Brooks, Undergraduate

Class of 2018

Summary of research:

In my research, I will collect and classify ants to measure changes in ant biodiversity across an urban gradient, with a focus on the Chattanooga area.
Future plans:
My future plans include enrolling into medical school and doing more scuba diving.


Natalie Hawkins

Natalie Hawkins, Undergraduate

Class of 2017

Summary of research:

As part of the Invisible Pathogens project, my research will explore fungi diversity associated with fire ants in an urban habitat. My work will compliment work done with middle school students in North Carolina.

Future goals:

Physician assistant