DeAnna E. Beasley, Assistant Professor, PI

Department of Biology, Geology, Environmental Science

University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

I’m interested in how insects are responding to environmental changes associated with human activity, with a focus on climate change and urbanization. Primary research focus in the lab includes understanding changes in insect-fungi associations across urban habitats. I’m also very interested in engaging the public and students in research using citizen science.

Rosa Cantu, Graduate student in Public Health

Class of 2020

Summary of research:

I work closely with ant ecology research and the ant diet preference study, supervising undergraduate researchers and helping them in the lab. I also work towards building connections with community partners for citizen science collaborations with the lab.

Lily Fletcher


Class of 2020

Summary of research:

Interested in understanding the fungal diversity in urban ant colonies.

Future plans:

Medical school

Past Lab Members

Rachel Ayers

Hao Brooks

Itzel Guzman Hernandez

Natalie Hawkins

Hannah Hightower

Lucas Mitchell

Taylor Perry

Chad Solomon