Lesson Plans

Team Ant group pic 2

2016 Students Discover Team Ant (from left to right): Magdalena Sorger, Michelle Hafey, Paige Derouin, DeAnna Beasley and Maggie McKinley. Photo credit: Lea Shell

As part of our mission to make science accessible to everyone, research at the Beasley Lab is closely tied to citizen science projects and education initiatives. To that end, we have worked with teachers and organizations such as Students Discover and iDigBio to develop lesson plans that are tied to relevant research while meeting Next Generation and Common Core science and math standards. See below to learn more about current and developing citizen-science based lesson plans!

Current Lesson Plans:

Urban Buzz

Ant Picnic *UPDATED*

Invisible Pathogens  *NEW*

The Effect of Climate Change on Phenology: An iDigBio Lesson Plan *COMING SOON*

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Camtasia provides a means for me to make high quality teaching videos for my class. 

Teaching Videos:

I recently started using teaching videos in my ecology labs and lectures as a means of providing supplemental content for students. Click here to see sample videos!